Traditional Dating Rules for Men and Women, Dating Etiquette and Happy Marriages...Is There A Link?

Traditional Dating Rules, Dating Etiquette and Happy Marriages...Is There A Link?

The Ideal Journey From Courtship To Dating To Marriage--What You Hope For But Rarely Get From Relationships!

How many times have you wanted to beat your head against the wall when a relationship failed? "What am I doing wrong," runs through your mind!

I am sure it's not until you get a little wiser and older when you finally understand that every relationship you had was doomed to fail because you overlooked a few things. It was those things that always took you from dating bliss to a relationship horror story!

It's not that there are certain steps you must follow as much as knowing what they are and how to use them to benefit you! Specifically, are you aware of the proper Dating Etiquette that should be followed if you desire to have a happy relationship or marriage?

My friends and I would talk for hours about life and relationships. Somehow we figured out what worked and didn't work. Many times we wanted to kick ourselves for being so darn stupid!

We realized, as you soon will, that relationships are easy when you enter into them with your eyes and ears wide open and leave the feelings at the door.

I guess you can call my friends and I traditional or old fashion. However, what I can tell you is we have less problems in our lives as a result of following a process or certain traditional dating rules! Ironically, much of it is covered on the following pages!

So, what is it exactly that you should be doing or looking for? I would love to tell you but I don't want to spoil the surprise! What I can say is in a society where everyone wants to be loved and feel loved the traditional dating rules and dating etiquette steps outlined will help you to see where you make your mistakes.

If you have had at least one bad relationship experience the information will make sense to you. More important, you will finally see what it was like to date and marry many, many years ago!

The fantastic thing about what you are about to read is that it will assist you to understand what it takes to get from dating to having a happy marriage.

There are sections for men and women. Both parties need to be aware of what the other is required to do before they get engaged. I have to warn you though...this information is over 100 years old! So, I can't take credit for it!

What I can say is, "If you are sick and tired of getting involved in relationships that do not work then the traditional dating rules and dating etiquette process provided will help you to finally end up in a happy relationship or happy marriage."

You will enjoy reading it and I hope you tell all your friends about it too! Everyone needs a little guidance when it comes to relationships!

Okay, I will shut up so you can start reading! Enjoy!

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